Import / Export

Due to our network in both China and Europe, customers and prospects find us in both continents. Our Chinese customers want to learn more about the European challenges, opportunities and how they can find their most efficient way in to the European market. We guide them from their location in China – via a notary, an accountant – including the arrangement of the legal and financial issues to a solid establishment of their European office. Or if you just want to sell in Europe, we’ll makes sure you meet all legal criteria and organize logistics and agents for you. In both situation, you can continue to focus on your core professional business. Just get in touch with Pieter to learn more.

From the other side of the globe our European customers want to do business in China. Opportunities enough, but how do I find my right way into that large emerging country in Asia? ACE-Force knows China by heart and much more importantly, we have our network in China that really makes the difference. In China we call this “Guangxi” which is a typically Chinese phenomena where Chinese people support each other in order to achieve more when cooperating together. We know our way in China and make sure you do not meet the wrong parties related to your objectives. In some cases EU customers want to source form China. More and more however we identify European companies that want to export typically European goods to China. This is a very profitable business. New customers have serious market chances when walking the right path.